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GV Surfaces is the division within Graniti Vicentia Group that focuses on porcelain solutions. We provide innovative solutions that respond to the interior and exterior needs of each of our customers. The flexibility of ceramics allows for each surface to be defined and chosen to create a space with design intent. The portfolio of products offered is the continued effort of GV Surfaces to keep current. We take great care to select products displaying the latest trends in design combined with the extraordinary quality and cutting-edge technology of the constant and never-ending research of our vendors. This, along with GV Group’s offer of value added fabrication services, provides our customers with value design, quality and the performance of surface materials.

Premium selection

A never ending quality

It is exactly through the choice of materials that we can characterize the space around us and make out lives look better. And that is why we have decided to always choose the best materials, without compromises. We always try to create something unique, keeping us constantly updated. Stone, wood, marble, metal are just some of the finishes that we have. They are all materials that combine in a single bond the craftsmanship knowledge with the most advanced technologies within the sector.

Indoor and outdoor

Choose your look

Design and style for the world

Contemporary look or maybe not. Maybe marble, wood, metal, or stone or maybe other looks. Being professionals within the surfaces sector at a global scale means to stand out thanks to the quality, design and technology of the proposed products which have to meet the most heterogeneous needs. This is the reason why we propose many different styles, all of them joined together by the quality, elegance, purity and functionality of our products combined with a design always in line with the latest design trends. Everything brings our ceramics to a high level of excellence.

Stone look for an elegant and warm space

Special decorative solution for a unique space

Marble look for a luxury and refined space

Porcelain solution for worktops

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