Plants and planters: transform your space into a living and natural place

Indoor plants

Upgrade the appeal of your interior

The use of plants in contemporary interior design is getting more and more popular. Not only making spaces more appealing and alive, but they also play an important role in your the overall perception of the spaces' atmosphere. Plants can be used as small accent pieces on a coffee table, or as soft green wall behind a reception desk. For commercial spaces, artificial long-lasting plants are the best solution for a low maintenance product with a high aesthetic level. Our vast range of faux plants and planters can help you to create the perfect indoor garden for you hotel, office or store.

Green touch

Plants wall

Maximum aesthetic result, long-lasting product, no maintenance

We can create artificial plant compositions that do not need maintenance, and with a realistic aspect as if they were alive. These are simple decorative elements or real plant walls. These plant walls are perfect in contexts where it would be difficult to use live plants, like commercial spaces, hotels and offices. Give a personal and captivating touch to your interior and create a fantastic customizable and long-lasting plant wall.

Outdoor plants

no limits for your perfect garden

Our professional landscape planning team can provide you design services for your outdoor spaces to realize a creative garden without maintenance. Moreover we can customize a variety of landscape themes to meet the different needs of customers. All plants that we use are made with the best materials and they last for more than three years without feading.

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