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vinyl wall covering

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We bring you the most comprehensive selection of wall coverings because for us the customer satisfaction is fundamental. We don't want to give you any limits so whatever is your ideal surface, we can do it. We have selected the leading vinyl wall covering manufacturers to always give the best service.

get your favorite style

endurance and style without compromise

the perfect decor wall without giving up on function

The vinyl wall coverings are the best solution for those who want to recreate the perfect atmosphere without giving up on function. We have a wide range of textures, colors and patterns made with easy cleaning and sanitizing surfaces suitable both for public and private spaces. The wallpapers allow you to give style and personality to an environment but they also have important functional advantages: they are flame retardant, light- and colorfast, easy to install and maintain, resistant to scratches and impact, and offers protection against stains and chemicals. these characteristics make it the best solutions for hospitality and public interiors.

resistant and easy to clean solution for bathroom

custom-made graphic design

sanitizing surface for public breakfast area

design wallpaper for interior with strong impact

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