Glass shower doors

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We only supply high-quality shower door

The unique quality of glass showers is the main feature of our products. All the glass sheets have a very bright appearance, free of inclusions, and the green color can be seen from the intersecting surface. We pay close attention to safety and for this reason, we use Automotive safety tempered glass. Even the glass is break will be connected together by obtuse angle. We use imported German brand nanometer water make glass surface has lotus leaf effect so that water ball can fall down to the bottom quickly, don't absorb dust, easy cleanness, effectively prevent glass turn into yellow color, maintain glass be brightness. The hardware treatment is realized to maintain polishing perfection and resist corrosion.

the purity of high-quality materials and finishes

standard and custom solutions

all you desire for your wellness moments

Our proposals are able to satisfy any customer need, both aesthetic and dimensional. All shower doors and bases can be supplied with standard or customized dimensions. The great variety of frames, handles, rails, and finishes allows us to always have the right product to match the style of the project.

High-quality tempered glass

wide range of handles proposals

precise and resistant doors rail

robust and anti-corrosion hinges

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