Holistic approach

full package of services

What makes us unique is the ability to provide the customer with a complete range of services to address aesthetic and functional needs.

Every day we, as individuals, move through interior and exterior spaces in the built environment. We are influenced by our surroundings and seek out to personalize the spaces we live, work and experience. To help you to create your space, we start with a specialized design consultancy that allows us to move from the concept to the development of the best solutions, we proceed with the import and supply of materials, furnishings and decorations and then we offer professional assembly service for a turn-key installation. The totality of these services contributes to the bottom line of a project with consequent cost and time savings. Graniti Vicentia is the perfect partner for your project.

360° US logistic

Advanced system

The best formula for a highly competitive price

A flexible production system and a strategic logistic is the formula for highly competitive prices. We can work in all US markets with the best quality in each project. Our advanced logistics system allows us to better manage orders and deliveries, always ensuring punctuality and precision. We are able to handle large loads of goods with extreme professionalism and we have a 150,000 sq.ft storage warehouse to always respond to your needs.

Made in italy

The maximum expression of creativity and the professional quality of products.

"Made in Italy" is a way of working which combines creations with a high-level of aesthetics, creativity and style, to an extremely high technical and innovative capacity. A unique style, original and inimitable that nobody else can achieve. This is “Made in Italy” and this is exactly what we offer to our customers: products with a unique identity and style, well defined and recognizable all over the world.

Our process



Fully understanding the vision of our customers is what allows us to carry out coherent and effective projects.



The creation of mood boards, sketches and conceptual layouts allow us to develop a quick but explanatory concept, to align our ideas with the customer's needs.



We proceed with a full set of tagged plans and elevation and withe a detailed design of all the proposed interior elements. We also provide video and rendering for an immediate understanding.



The specifications define all the dimensional, technical and material details of the project elements to arrive at the final approval of the brand and customer.



A prototype allows us to test the project in a real space, ensuring that it is carried out correctly as expected.



Our project manager will take care of the processes and relations with the producers (made in Italy) and distributors to guarantee deliveries within the set deadlines.



Our logistics systems manage local and overseas orders and deliveries ensuring punctuality and precision. We handle large loads with extreme professionalism.



We have a professional customer care team to provide support whenever you need it. We want to build your project with you exceeding your expectations.

Design services

From the idea to the realization. We service your project from start to finish.


Our projects are carefully followed by a professional design team in Italy and by our team of designers located in our offices in the United States. All the necessary support will be given to you at almost any time, starting from the first phases of concept, passing through development, up to the final approval phase.

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Assembly process in a speedy and efficient manner

professionalism and efficiency in every steps

To meet your needs we can handle every step from interior design, the storage, management of your order inventory and installation. For this last step we choose skilled labor to always guarantee maximum professionalism and efficiency. The success of our work is in the care of details and with our team we are sure to always provide a high precision service.

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