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To realize a well-designed banquet area or meeting room it is essential to choose sturdy and resistant products, but light and easy to move as well. These spaces are subject to constant changes in the layout and for that reason the furnishings must be very easy to move, foldable or stackable. Our banquet furniture collection includes stacking ergonomic chairs, folding tables, cocktail tables, conference tables and chairs, movable stages as well as a complete range of accessories for the hospitality furniture sector. GV design team will assist you with all your furniture requirements and with planning and layout the furniture.

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All banquet products are manufactured from quality and durable metal structure, a various options for top table and a wide range of high quality fabrics. We use advanced technology for painting or powder coating with a variety of finishes color, and the meticulous welding process ensures a perfect smooth surface.Fabrics are anti fouling and flame retardant as well as the high density chairs' cushions and we can provide a wide range of colors and texture fabrics to meet your requirements. No matter which style or material you select, we provide a durable and comfortable collection to choose from.

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