Resistant wood flooring with timeless Italian design

The ideal surface

Living in harmony with nature and your own home

Environmentally low impact and always better performing wooden floors, easy to clean, waterproof  and extremely resistant surfaces: today the match is all about the ability to create more and more beautiful and performing finishes. This is the ideal surface for living in harmony with nature and your own home. Choose from our contemporary multiple colors in the wood flooring range and customize your spaces. For all finishes click here:


Foot traffic resistant and waterproof

Technologically advanced wooden surfaces

Legnoresina® technology

Legnoresina® is a revolutionary protection/resin developed by Salis in order to provide the wood flooring with never experienced before features of durability, reliability and performance. Thanks to the most advanced technology, parquet can withstand the highest stresses, always guaranteeing excellent performance. The wooden surfaces have different treatments  to be antibacterial, resistant to UV rays and resistant to many stains. It gets important firefighting certification thanks to flame retardant raw materials.

excellent performance and multiple finishes

ideal surface for residential spaces

highly resistant and waterproof

the finishing revolution on wooden surfaces

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