For a retail outlet, customers spending more time in their facility can directly cause an increase in business, as customers are likely to spend more. Public spaces where people can sit, talk with their friends and family, and eat relaxed are influential because they increase the association with a positive feeling for the place. For a hotel, having an all-around positive experience can cause an enriched customer experience, which increases customer loyalty and retention. Green public spaces in a hospital can help people destress and unwind. It also helps in breaking away from the sterile environment of the hospital. 


The design of spaces such as waiting areas and lobbies is necessary for a good hotel experience. These spaces can make waiting easier and more comfortable for the customers. For example, they might be waiting for their families or relaxing when they’ve just checked in. A well-designed public space can help them be distracted and not feel alone while waiting and can make them feel comfortable as they relax. Using design to eliminate or minimize negative experiences can help a business in unprecedented ways. 


1. Public spaces build a sense of community.


Public spaces are a great addition to any kind of business. The easiest way any Business can create and maintain a sense of community for its customers is through its public spaces. These spaces encourage customers to interact with each other, which helps build connections facilitated by the brand. Humans are inherently social creatures, and we find great significance in things that help us be a part of any group. Community-building thus becomes a great way to create loyal customers. It enables the customers to find the value associated with the brand, even outside of its direct relationship.


2. Are multi-functional.


A significant advantage of public spaces includes owning a place which can accommodate various activities. A brand can use its public space to host varied events such as festival celebrations, pop-up stalls, fundraising events etc. It can facilitate the use of the infrastructure for more activities than just the primary function of the place. It can help organically increase brand visibility without spending on marketing because a well-designed public space can accommodate various events, thus inviting an assortment of people.


3. Act as landmarks.


Since public spaces of any kind are highly noticeable, they become an easy meeting point for many people. It helps in wayfinding for the customers and accommodating crowds because of the capacity of the place. It also helps in word-of-mouth marketing enabling more people to use it as a vantage point. These spaces thus become highly effective for advertising.  


4. Help avoid crowding.


Crowded spots in any place can make navigating and accessing a location difficult. In a lack of designated public spaces, there is often crowding in particular regions, making users uncomfortable. Circulation design should be a crucial consideration while designing public spaces. Having assigned places to wait, talk with friends, or just sit and relax clear up the travel paths. Providing a variety of zones makes it easier for the crowd to be evenly distributed, thus avoiding bottlenecks and congestion. In the wake of Covid-19, since they provide an added amount of space in the infrastructure, they can also help manage social distancing. 


5. Crucial for first impressions.


First impressions in any business are important as it sets the tone for the experience. Good first impressions are pivotal, and public spaces of the Business are often a part of the first impressions. Entry lobbies, Reception areas,  It is crucial to have beautiful spaces but also have them designed in a customer-centric way since that establishes the ‘customer-first’ values of the business. 


6. Hold great potential for reinforcing a positive brand image.


The design choices made for any space can be significantly instrumental in how it impacts public perception. Well-designed public spaces can subtly communicate the brand image through materials, textures, furniture and overall layout design. Brand Design can be crucial in creating a cohesive and memorable brand experience. Coupled with a positive customer experience caused by spending leisure time, it becomes an excellent organic marketing tool. 


7. Help people feel safer and more comfortable.


The presence of other people can always make places feel safer to use since it acts as social proof. This feeling can grow by watching more people who associate with a business. Providing a public space where people can gather can help enable the belief. More visible people interacting with the brand can help establish credibility and trust in the brand. 


8. Accessible Design can make it more inviting. 


Accessible architecture for public spaces becomes more inviting to a larger population and establishes the brand to be more forward-thinking and inclusive. Accessible design not only makes it possible for permanently disabled people but also is helpful for the elderly, children, pregnant women and injured people. It helps develop a considerate brand image while making architecture more equitable for all kinds of people.  


Thus public spaces in architecture can be highly instrumental in the growth and sustainability of a business since it provides a remarkable amount of flexibility for the Business. Hiring experts can make it easier for you to include public spaces in your design and grow your business. We at Graniti Vicentia are committed to making the any business infrastructure a value-adding asset. Contact us to know more.