Art has become increasingly subjective, and weird. From Michelangelo’s David to Van Gogh’s starry night, the quality of art ranging in varying styles and forms is spellbinding. It speaks of the society of its time or the workings of the mind of the artist or even just an exploration of ideas. But sometimes, it’s a banana taped to the wall. Nevertheless, Art has always been very valuable to humans. That is often reflected by how much passionate collectors are willing to pay for art. Depending upon the context, it can also be a great investment. That tells us about the first way how art enhances your space. 


Art portrays Opulence

Tastefully chosen pieces, no matter their price, can always make the luxury quotient of a space increase exponentially. It makes a space look opulent by the means of sophistication and refinement. Aptly chosen art pieces in a hotel lobby can make the space look considerably richer. 


It creates a Focal Point

Art can also be designed to become the focal point of a space. In smaller spaces, where a single color is used to make the space look bigger, proportionally sized art pieces can add a focal point to the space. This technique enhances the volume of space in turn while also adding character and depth to it. The use of colors, layers & compositions helps create a sense of depth by drawing in the viewer's attention - creating a sense of movement and dynamic energy. Changing art and lighting in a space can dramatically transform the space without having to spend too much - if the art used is not too expensive. 


It adds a unique character 

Art helps add a touch of personalisation in spaces and can help make similar spaces like rooms and hallways look different just depending upon the art used. Different wall-art pieces can be used in a hallway where you would want people to walk slower while changing the placement of the pieces can make the space look different. It can be used as a centerpiece or even as a thematic part of a larger composition. 


It can portray brand image and philosophy

Art can also exhibit the brand image and philosophy. Various art styles can be used to portray different ideas, and a recurring theme sets the stage for a curated identity that can help create the desired brand image for customers. 


It drives conversation

Art drives conversation among visitors and customers. It helps them interact with the space more, since observing art heightens your senses and then enhances the experience for them. It also helps break the ice between the staff and the customers, if they talk about it, thus also improving their user experience. Art enthusiasts love talking about art. A well-curated art collection in a casino, hotel, resort or any business can immediately become a topic that spreads a good brand image through word-of-mouth. 


It adds finishing to a place

Art pieces, as elements, have the ability to make any sort of space look complete. You could have a room that is just painted all white, and add a large painting or a composition of smaller paintings on a wall that has a dramatic effect of creating a sense of finishing in the space. Art used correctly can make a brutalist design look pleasing to someone who doesn’t usually like it. 


Using it as an interactive element

Art which can be interacted with, such as doors or windows being artistic elements influences user experience a great deal. While observing art has a great effect, interacting with it physically is a step beyond that. It can also enrich experiences.


It helps to decide a color palette

If you have a vision for what art piece you would like to use in a designated space, it can be helpful in strategising a color palette for that space. This gives character to the space by having the art piece be the driver of the color palette concept, thus adding a sense of depth to the space and purposefulness in choosing colors.


It can help create a material, texture and massing composition 

Art can also be used to design spaces that become an art composition in themselves. Pieces such as paintings, sculptures, vases etc can be used together to create a composition and make unique spaces that stay imprinted in the minds of users, creating an excellent brand image. Not just different forms and colors, but also contrasting and complementing materials can highly influence the space composition. 


Mental Well-being

Art acts as a great medium to make people feel great. Even observing and trying to make sense of it or just analysing the details can help you feel a sense of accomplishment. It thus provides a sense of purpose and meaning, thus also helping improve self-worth. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation. Art has the capability to help you feel a sense of community when you connect with others by having conversations about it, while also promoting cognitive function and enhancing problem-solving skills. If these sortser of effects are achieved by using aptly chosen art for your business, it can help the customers have a heightened positive experience.


While art can be a completely transformative tool for spaces, it is very important to choose the correct pieces. Experts can help you curate a collection that can help you with all these strategies, thus helping grow your business. We, at Graniti Vicentia also have our own collection of wall art you chose from. We also have collections of Glass art and Wooden art pieces you can choose from.