Introduction - What is the big deal with Artificial lighting?

The light bulb is the most important invention of humankind. From the time of its invention, Our productivity has increased multifolds. The concept of nightlife can be linked back to the invention of the lightbulb. Artificial lighting has had one of the most profound impacts on human life. Although its impact on the cultural and economic aspects of our life is evident, artificial lighting also has a significant impact on our emotions and health.

The circadian rhythm, our natural body clock, is impacted by light, artificial or natural. It affects not only our sleep cycle but also other bodily functions such as digestion, wakefulness and cell regeneration. Humans are at their best by being awake during the day and sleeping during the night. The circadian rhythm works with sunlight. With the onset of the day, Natural hormones secrete, setting in motion the circadian rhythm. Not interfering with the cycle using the wrong type of lighting allows us to have an appropriate sleep cycle and helps enrich the quality of our life.


The effect -

Studies have shown that cool lights improve focus and warmer light is comforting and relaxing. Therefore it's essential to use appropriate lighting depending on the function of the space. Suitable lighting makes us productive and efficient while having a sound circadian rhythm makes us healthy.

Nature of color does not affect us the way the temperature of color does. It also acts on our cultural perception of various colors. Lighting systems can be designed with this knowledge to evoke the desired emotional response. With the countless assortment of building types, different lighting strategies can optimally fit in with the function of the buildings. Lighting design is so crucial that it can make or break a business because of the perception it creates of a space, thus associating that with the brand itself.


Here are instances of a few building types and how the lighting affects its inhabitants.



Lighting design is one of the most crucial things for Casino design. The subconscious interaction of the visitors with the visuals of a well-designed casino can make for an immersive experience. Since making people stay is good for business, ambient lighting becomes crucial in setting the right mood and comfort. Warm lights are essential in Casinos since they help accentuate the feeling of comfort. The primary purpose for using lights in the casinos should be mood and not visibility. Playfulness and layers can be added to the mood using lights of varying lumens. Lighting and surface textures can be designed to work in harmony and create a soft lighting effect for the ambience. Slot machines are a crucial element to be considered while designing the lighting for casinos since the wrong lighting can cause glare on the slot machine screens. This would create the undesirable effect of demotivating people from using them because of the unpleasant feeling. The ceiling design should also be taken care of so that it gives a homely vibe, letting people be comfortable with staying for longer hours. 



Hospitality is an experience business and the experiential satisfaction of consumers is the key to a successful hotel business. Lighting strategies play a great role in setting the mood of various spaces, thus providing the desired effect. Low lighting can be used in outdoor spaces for wayfinding, while not interrupting the visual effect of the surroundings with bright lights. Lighting can be used to highlight ceilings in long passages to create the illusion of height and to lessen the perceived length of the passages. Dim lighting can be used in dining areas for accentuating the feeling of comfort, while bright light is used in the spaces used by staff to improve visibility. While this would be apt for dinner, having natural lights for breakfast and lunch is more appropriate. Since different lighting has different appeals, providing the ability to control light temperature in rooms allows people to choose for their comfort. 



Lighting in hospitals is highly important for both visibility and comfort depending on the space and user. Visibility is essential in rooms like the operation theater, examination spaces etc, which are primarily used by the staff. Comfort is essential in Wards, where patients are the primary users and it is essential to have an added element for comfort because of the ordeal patients go through. The wards should also not have direct lighting on the ceilings since the patients could be bedridden and the continuous glare would be utterly distressing. They also need to have control of the lights, since each patient could require a different amount of sleep depending on their condition. Transition areas should be well-lit as the safe movement of the patients is crucial during their fragile state. Various kinds of special lighting is also required in the hospitals where specialized functions take place.


Thus lighting plays a very influential role in all spaces and it is important to take care of these as it greatly impacts businesses. You can now hire experts specializing in design services, including lighting design. We at Graniti Vicentia Group take great care in getting the details correct as we know how much they affect the bigger picture. Check out our portfolio and contact us for more details.