What problems do you face if you want to do an Architectural or an Interior Design Project?

Whenever you want to build a project (For eg. a house for your family or an office for your new business or a new restaurant), it becomes an overwhelming affair when you start thinking about the important factors around it.

Where to begin?

What do we need?

What are the possibilities?

What are my options?

These are a few questions amongst an array of questions that leaves you lost and confused. And that’s because these kinds of projects require an amount of time and capital that you cannot let go to waste. When you invest in this with the amount of time and money that is required, it is important to keep in mind that these projects are projected to last for decades. Any mistakes made could be too costly to correct and you might be stuck with them for a long time.


What can help make it easier for you?

Hiring an Architect or an Interior Designer is a sure way of transferring any of the worries about the project over to a professional. Architects are academically trained and have professional experience in dealing with expensive assets such as real estate.


Why is hiring an Architect a good idea?

They can estimate the feasibility of your project.

Each plot of land comes with its own set of rules and regulations depending upon where it is, and what is it surrounded with. Architects can study the plots of land where you want to construct your project and tell you about its pros, cons, challenges and merits. 


They can help you decide the brief of the Project

When you want to build a project, you often have your needs and aspirations in mind. Architects help you translate those dreams and aspirations into physical spaces and design. They understand your needs and propose design solutions to help solve those problems as well as help you understand the problems that can be solved with design. They understand that various kinds of people have various kinds of needs and that your project should be designed with empathy to be accessible to those users.


Architects add character and life to your project.

Architects help you tailor your project brief and design based on your personal preferences and needs while taking care of the functioning of all the different services and the aesthetics. An Architect begins working by understanding you and your aspirations well and then proposing solutions for your project. 


They show you the outcome of your project before even starting construction.

They are well-versed with the softwares required to create drawings and life-like render models of your envisioned project. It helps create the best design decisions for how a place looks and functions. Architects create these drawings and models with great detail to understand the project and how it caters to your needs.


They can tell you what you can build on a certain budget or how much capital it would require for you to make a project. 

Architects can predict an estimated amount that would be required for your project. That can help you make decisions like adding something you’ve wanted to add but were worried about the expenses. Or even remove something that would have cost you over your budget.


They have an extraordinary understanding of materials and finishes.

Architects are aware of and also experienced with working on different materials and how they behave in certain conditions, as well as how they look. Different parts of the project can have different materials to make it look and function well. An Architect helps you decide and understand the choices you have. 


They can make your project also look good while functioning well.

While the primary function of building anything is to cater to the needs of the inhabitants/users of the project, Architects also pay close attention to the aesthetic value of the project. They help you get aware of various trends and styles that can be done.


Architects save money!

Architects understand the nuances of projects and can help you make correct decisions about spending/not spending on things that can help you avoid the guessing and the anxiety that comes with it. They help you make efficient use of resources to reduce wastage. Architects can also help you build energy-efficient homes that can help you reduce your expenses in the long run! They can help you understand if it is worth spending more money on certain materials and technologies and if they will be useful to you. They also have a network of various professionals and vendors and can help you get the best value for your money.


They help you relax.

Architects deal with various people working on the project and help take the worry off your mind. They know and understand all the various stages of projects, project scopes and what different professionals are responsible for. They take care of those things so the project runs well and is completed in the estimated time. 


Architects are skilled in various skills from people and project management to design and financial optimisation. They help you save capital and as well as achieve the best value that you benefit from for decades to come. We at Graniti Vicentia run our practice with the conviction that the success of our practice is directly proportional to the value we provide to our clients. We are able to give stellar services to our clients because of our ability to understand the client's needs and being able to empathize with them. Reach out to us for any Architectural or interior design services. Here is the list of products we cater to as well.