DUST is a Variant of WOOD 2 Collection, Unique and innovative even in the way it is inspired by nature, the Wood collection gives life to vintage atmospheres in venues of lived-in charm.

Code Skid Resistance Finish Thickness
45X45 L928 dust Natural 9.5MM
60x60 L665 dust-r- Natural 9.5MM
60x60 LG97 dust-r-out Natural 20MM
75x75 LN01 dust-r-out Natural 20MM
45x45 LA92 dust-colonial-r Natural 9.5MM
60x60 LA87 dust-colonial-r Natural 9.5MM
30x60 L924 dust-muretto Natural 9.5MM
30X60 LA82 dust Natural 9.5MM
30X60 LC01 dust-r- Natural 9.5MM