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The manufacturing process takes place with a minimal environmental impact and basically generates no by-products.

Graniti Vicentia once again exibhits its leadership also with the complete certification of the environmental, manufacturing and commercial cycles.

- EMAS REGULATION: environmental efficiency standards for industrial activities and presentation of pertinent information to the public;

- ISO 9001 NORM: equality system model which evaluates the organization's capability of supplying certain products or services;

- ISO 14001 NORM: environmental management system model leading to the formulation of an environmental policy in which targets are established taking into account legal requirements and information on significant environmental impact.

GranitiFiandre porcelain tile materials offer a further guarantee for the environment also in the phase of the removal of the working residues.
At the end of their life cycle they do not require treatments since, due to the high chemical inertia, they do not release substances in the environment, they are fully considered inert materials.
All Fiandre porcelain tile products guarantee specifications which go beyond legal and industrial standards in Europe and in the United States in terms of hardness, freeze-thaw resistance, wear, and chemical attack.
Fiandre accomplishes this remaining environmentally conscious during both the extraction and processing stages.